The best Christmas in July menu to keep you warm this winter.

Get ready for a cold weather treat that will bring your loved ones together and warm your heart this winter.
Get ready for: Christmas in July! (cue festive music and the jingling of bells).

To help you out, we’ve found the best ‘Christmas in July’ recipe ideas to make your shindig a roaring success.

  1. To Drink: Glühwein
    Glühwein, also known as mulled wine, is a treasured, traditional German drink that is enjoyed at Christmas Markets or after skiing sessions to make you glow with warmth again.
    There’s nothing better than a spiced, steaming glass of Glühwein to get you into the festive spirit, and it’s super simple to make. The secret to delightfully delicious Glühwein is the correct mixture and ratio of red wine, cinnamon sticks, sugar, oranges and cloves.
  1. For Starters: Thick, Creamy Soup
    Your starter sets the mood for your dinner, so select it carefully.
    We love the idea of thick and creamy butternut soup. It’s easy to make and freeze ahead of time, which takes some pressure off in the kitchen on the day. Butternut soup with a pinch of cumin is particularly fantastic as the root vegetable and cumin prepare your palate for the roast to come. Give your humble butternut soup a new lease on life by roasting your vegetables in honey before blitzing them into this silky smooth soup. Sprinkle your soup with croutons or even pumpkin seeds for some added crunch.
  1. For Mains: Classic Roast Beef
    Now that your taste buds have been sufficiently tantalised, it’s time to move on to the main event: a delicious, juicy roast.
    Our personal favourite has to be a good old fashioned beef roast. Nothing quite beats tender, melt-in-your mouth beef, slow roasted to succulent perfection. When selecting your cut, prime rib, standing rib roast and beef tenderloin are great for special occasions. They only need a simple seasoning rub to add to their already mouth-watering flavours. For golden brown, crispy roast potatoes, add some parboiled potatoes to your roasting tray. These will soak up all the delicious pan juices for extra tastiness.
  2. And For The Piece de Resistance: Warm, Chocolate Pudding. Have yourself a very sweet Christmas in July by ending off your dinner with a wonderfully sweet treat. The most delectable dish we could think of has to be a chocolate fondant. This is a rich, chocolatey pudding with a delicious, crunchy top and gooey, soft interior. Go ahead. Indulge in this little bowl of chocolate heaven. Top this with ice cream and you’re sure to win the hearts of your guests eternally. But cooking timing is key here. Too short and your pudding will be more like a soup, too long and you’re left with a dry cake. Be warned and be careful.

    Happy cooking and happy eating!!

    Article source: Eden on the bay blog.

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