About SnapnSave


SNAPnSAVE is a shopping app that gives you cash back when you shop in-store.

No paper coupons, no plastic cards and no loyalty points. Just real cash back on items that you buy everyday, leaving you with more to spend on the things you want. Ka ching!

Sign up with SNAPnSAVE today, for free, and get your share of thousands of Rands of available cash back offers.

Happy Snapn!
Your SnapnSave family in Cape Town.

7 Responses

  1. Diane

    After an IOS 11.1.2 update I am unable to log into the app. I get an “External user not registered” error message. There is no way to reset the password and re-registering using the same mobile number will obviously not be an option. Please advise.


  2. Karen Key

    I have been a great fan of SnapnSave for the last few years but recently I have become extremely disheartened with the offerings. At least 90% of what’s on offer are either DIY tools or wholesale items. I, and I’m sure many others, far preferred having items that regular families could enjoy such as individual food items and cleaning materials. Having to access these products only as wholesale items, is not practical for everyone. Perhaps include a few more items we could buy at regular supermarkets.


  3. MB

    Please advise when your wallet payments are going to be made active. We have been in level 3 for months now and still this function hasn’t been opened up!!!


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