National pack your lunch day! Pack your lunch in 3 simple steps.

It’s national pack your lunch day and we have amazing cash back coupons that you can use to pack a very easy, but delicious lunch! You can use your Glad Zip Seal sandwich bag to keep your sandwich or any other snacks nice and fresh!

  1. First make this easy sandwich:
    You will need bread, mayonnaise, fresh lettuce, 1 cooked chicken breast (sliced or pulled), tomatoes, Melrose cheese slices and some red onion. Spread mayo on your slice of bread, then layer it with lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, cheese and onion. It’s easy, delicious and have only 450 calories!Add a simple fruit salad:
  2. Cut up some nectarines, apples, grapes or any of your favourite fruits. Put it in a small Tupperware and pack it with your sandwich.
  3. Add a snack and a juice box:
  4. Spoil yourself with one or two delicious Zoo Cookies and add a Ceres juice box.

See coupons on SnapnSave here:
Source: Yummly

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