Secret to a happy home life? Keep it clean!

There is a secret that most men have not been told; Want a happy partner? Help with the housework! There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work knowing that you still have housework to tackle. Imagine how happy your partner will be when you pitch in, instead of pointing out where they have missed a spot. 

“Gone are the days when gender roles in the house were limited to one partner staying at home to look after the house, while the other brought home the bacon,” says Mario Correia, brand manager for household cleaning brand Chemico. “Nowadays the roles have levelled out and, in some cases, even reversed. However, in some homes it is still considered one partner’s responsibility to keep the home clean, which can often result in an unhappy environment that is full of grumbling and evil glares.”

“So, what are the chores that are generally the most detested around the house and that will get you those proverbial brownie points by chipping-in?” says Correia.

  1. Toilets! Many of us put off cleaning just because we know that eventually we will have to venture into the bathroom. So, to deal with this dreaded task create a roster that ensures everyone has their turn at tackling the bathroom. 
  2. Dishes. Whether you have a dishwasher, or your dishes are piled into the sink after they are used, you need to get your hands ready to either pack and unpack, or to wash and dry. It is infuriating to walk into the kitchen and see the dishes waiting to be washed. The sink is your friend. (Hint: if you do have a dishwasher, learn how your partner likes it packed beforehand so as to avoid them repacking it – and yes, they will do this!).
  3. Make your bed. You have slept in it you should help make it. It doesn’t take long to straighten out a bed, and when you do it often enough it will become a morning habit.
  4. Just because you are the braai master, does not mean that your partner needs to become the braai cleaner. Chemico Extreme Paste Cleen is the perfect household cleaner for the job; its formula containing 3X extreme clean with Actibeads ensures power cleaning, is fast acting and deodorises. All it takes is some hot water and Chemico Paste Cleen to get rid of all the grit left over on the grill.
  5. Wipe down the counters after you have finished cooking. Making a sandwich and leaving the crumbs on the counter is NOT endearing, neither is wiping them onto the floor for someone else to sweep up. Cleaning up after yourself will cut the time you spend cleaning in half.

Cleaning is not everyone’s favourite pastime, however when compared to having an annoyed partner (and for good reason), cleaning is definitely the better option. Plus, when two sets of hands do the work, there is more quality time together afterwards.

Source: Chemico

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