7 WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD SPONGES + get cash back when you snap Scotch-Brite Sponges on SnapnSave!

It’s advisable to clean the sponges well first: put the wet sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds. Put them into the dishwasher/ washing machine along with the rags and the floorcloths of the kitchen/bathroom to get the sponges immaculately clean again.

  1. Laptop case bag – Connect sponges by sewing them together which will give you a new case bag to accompany you on your travels. To turn them into good useful pouches where you can hide and keep money or precious objects, cut the taller old sponges in the middle.
  2. Help houseplants retain moisture and avoid getting dry – Recycle one or more old sponges on the bottom of the vase, soaking them with water.
  3. Collect all the water in umbrella holder – If your umbrella stand always collects small pools of water on the bottom, place some sponges on the bottom to absorb all the water that drips from the umbrellas. Once the sun is out again, simply remove the sponges, squeeze them well and then put them back on the bottom of the umbrella stand.
  4. Make soap last longer and use the sponge as a soap dish or to coat a soap dish. This will catch all the residues of soap and water after you have washed your hands.
  5. Decoupage Moulds – You can use old sponges as moulds to paint, by cutting them into the shapes you want, immerse them in the painting and create perfect moulds to decorate.
  6. Packaging Material – You can use sponges when carrying fragile items, or simply place the sponges on the bottom of the cabinets. Because at home there is never enough space, it is better to wrap the element with various stapled or sewn sponges in order to protect it from any impact.
  7. Make fruits and vegetables last longer in the fridge – With moistened sponges you can wrap your fruit and veggies to make them last longer in the refrigerator.

Source: Cookist

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