Want to know new ways of using Glad bags? There are so many ways you can re-use them. Plus, we’re giving you cash back.


1. Storing small objects – Coupons, batteries, spare bread bag ties, sweetener packets. Used baggies are still perfect for storing away small things in drawers or on shelves.
2. Travel wipes – When taking a road trip or just want to stay fresh throughout the day, a used Glad zip seal bag makes a great way to store homemade wet wipes.
3. Ice packs for injuries – By filling a used Glad zip seal bag with half water and half vodka/rubbing alcohol and storing it in the freezer, you’ll have a nice, slushy ice pack ready to treat any injuries. (The water freezes but the alcohol doesn’t).
4. Travel with toiletries – Reuse Glad zip seal bags to carry any toiletries like shampoo or bodywash in your luggage, and you won’t arrive with an unexpected mess.
5. Poop Scoop – If you’ve got dogs, reuse Glad zip seal bags to scoop poop by putting one on your hand like a glove and picking up the dog’s droppings. Pull the zipper opening back over your hand and seal it to avoid stinking up your bin before trash pickup day.
6. Keep clean hands while cooking – When kneading dough or working with meat, reuse your Glad zip seal bags by slipping them over your hands to keep them, and your food, clean.
7. Read and relax – Spoil yourself with a little me-time by soaking in a nice, hot bath and reading by candlelight. Putting your Kindle in a Glad zip seal bag is the perfect way to enjoy your eBook without worrying about water damage.
8. Crush crumbs – When you need to make a crust or crush some crackers for a topping, pop them in an old Glad zip seal bag, seal and run your rolling pin over it.
9. Use as a funnel – Reuse Glad zip seal bags as funnels by filling them with whatever you want to pour into a small-mouthed container. Snip off one corner and squeeze the contents out.
10. Keep your knees clean and dry – Whether you’re scrubbing floors or pulling weeds, old plastic bags make great knee protectors. Cut the bottom of the bag off, and slide it up your legs. Use the zipper to adjust tightness as needed.

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Source: http://bit.ly/2HlPMWM

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