Save money this Valentine’s day!

Have you got plans this Valentine’s day? We’ve got you covered with cash back coupons that are sure to make your partner feel special plus some “quick Save” date night ideas below.

Breakfast in bed!


Unfortunately this mostly only happens on special occasions but fortunately Valentine’s day is a special occasion! If you forgot Valentines, this is your chance for the quick save.

Make heart shaped bacon and heart shaped eggs. Find inspiration on our Pinterest page here and get #cashback on eggs and bacon on SnapnSave here.

Have a picnic

Enjoy a bottle of wine or bubbly at home or in the park.picnic

Get R15 cashback on a bottle of  Graham Beck or R20 cashback when you buy 2 bottles of Avivado Sec-si. Get R5 cashback when you buy a bottle of Tall Horse and if you are a red wine drinker then get R10 cashback when you buy 2 bottles of Namaqua Cab Sav, Merlot, Pinotage or Shiraz 750ml. Sorted! Book coupons on SnapnSave here.

Choose a different night to go out.

eating out

When baby sitters aren’t charging a fortune and when restaurants aren’t jam packed. You’ll be sure to save some bucks here. If you do decide to hit the restaurants, check Wikideals for some good specials.

There is also an eating out cashback coupon that we especially loaded for you on SnapnSave. Get booking here.

Make some popcorn, snuggle up and watch a romcom on Netflix or Showmax.

watching movie

There’s no need to spend a small fortune going to the cinema when you can do it in comfort at home!

Say I love you!

Image result for i love you

This is completely free and we don’t always tell our partners often enough. (PS. This is for long term relationships only 😉 )

Happy month of love Snappers!

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