The Gifting Guide to Father’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. In fact, when you think about it, not a month goes by when there isn’t a reason to celebrate. This time, we’re tipping our hats and raising a glass to the great guys who’ll do the heavy lifting when you feel the need to rearrange the furniture. The manly men who don’t just take out the trash but do the late night snack run while you stay snug indoors. And whoever said they can’t multitask have never seen a dad hold a baby in one hand and braai tongs in the other…

When it comes to buying Father’s Day gifts, dads can be pretty easy, but that doesn’t mean you can gift wrap a pair of socks and call it a day. So, we’ve put together a little gifting guide to give you a few ideas to make his day.

Get a babysitter and treat him to a night of delight. And by ‘delight’ we mean make him his favourite home cooked meal. Think about it, just you, him, no kids. Nothing but peace and quiet, and thundering battle cries coming from the action movie you rented just for him.

Breakfast in bed. We’re going to go on about food a bit because, as they say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Start his day off with a mouthwatering brekkie, get the kids to help that way he can sleep in. We’ve got bacon and eggs #cashback coupons on SnapnSave. Get them here.

Make your own gifts. Break out the glitter, the glue, the paint and the crayons. Round up your little troupes and get crafting. Nothing says “We love you” quite like a handmade card or paper plate portrait of dad. Sweet.

Impress the socks off him by using your SnapnSave cashbacks. With SnapnSave you get cash back whenever you shop. It’s not just super smart, it’s SA’s fastest growing cashback shopping app. Forget paper coupons that just give you a discount, SnapnSave takes that discount and deposits it straight into your SnapnSave wallet. All you have to do is:

  • Download the super easy-to-use, totally free app or log onto the website.
  • Browse the current coupons.
  • Book the coupon/s you want.
  • Shop
  • Use the SnapnSave app to snap a photograph of your till slip and instantly upload it.
  • Get the cash you saved paid straight into your SnapnSave wallet, Ka’ching.

Coupons are updated weekly and include everything from gin to juice. So finding something special for someone super special is simple.

Whisk him away. Father’s Day is on the 18th of June, which is a Sunday. Do a little Googling and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find tons of amazing midweek getaways – and, yes, midweek is from Sunday to Thursday so you’re in luck. You can even use your SnapnSave cashbacks to pay for it all! That’s right. You can cashout your cashbacks and EFT them straight into your bank account. Smart, ne?

Spoil him silly. Convert your cashbacks into a WiCode and use it to buy him his favourite man goods at any Dis-Chems, or splurge on electronics at Cellucity stores. You can also transfer your cashbacks to your WeChat Wallet and pay for all of your SnapScan purchases, which means you can pretty much buy anything at pretty much anywhere.

Happy spoiling and happy snapn!




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