5 ways to get involved this Mandela Day

Each person has the power to make a difference even if it’s just a little bit, so let’s get involved this Mandela day and make a contribution. We’ve put together a list of ideas to help you get inspired on how you can help and make a small difference.

Create “care packages” to donate to a charity.

Choose a charity and get a bunch of friends and family together and create care packages that include anything like toiletries, clothes, sanitary towels, nappies etc and donate the items that you manage to collect. We have also added a bunch of cash back offers on SnapnSave which includes some of these items so that you can get cash back while making a difference. Mandela-day-care-pack
If you’re in Cape Town then Rape Crisis has a drive where they are creating the “care packages” so why not get involved.

Donate blood

Help save a life. Blood Types O- and O+ are universal blood groups, meaning that it can be transfused to all other blood groups. Visit SANBS to find out more about donating blood and where your closest donor center is.  

Collect change and donate it to a soup kitchen

All that change that you have lying around, why not put it together by starting a little piggy bank. A little can go a long way, donate the money that you collect monthly to the soup kitchen nearby.download


There are so many organizations that need a helping hand. Why not get involved by choosing one that interests you or one that is close by. you can also have a look at the Mandela day campaign page to see where you can contribute your 67 minutes.

Collect blankets and donate them to homeless shelters

Recycle the old blankets that you no longer use and donate them to homeless shelters. We have also added a cash back offer on a blanket on SnapnSave to help you make the difference.Blanket

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