How SnapnSave works.

It’s not magic and theres no catch. We partner with SA’s most loved brands who want to give all that love right back to you in the form of cash back when you purchase their products. It’s that simple!


Here’s the process step by step (an overview):

Step 1 – Book offers:
Get onto either the SnapnSave smartphone app, mobi site or desktop website. Click on “discover offers” and start browsing the available coupons/”offers” we have running. Simply hit “Book offer” to secure it for 48 hours.

Step 2 – Go Shopping:
Once you’re done booking all your offers, head down to any major retailer in your area & buy the items you’ve booked within 2 days of booking. If you are unsure of where an offer is available simply check the offer details.

Shopping Tip: Make sure you check that you are buying the weight or size specified in the offer details. Use the “Booked offers” page on the app for this.

Step 3 – Snapping your till slip:
Send us a photo/s of your till slip using the app, mobi site or desktop website and you’re done!

Snap Tip: If you have a long till slip, take multiple photos. Make sure the shop name, date, invoice & VAT numbers are clearly visible in your snaps.


Are there any fees involved in using SnapnSave?

Absolutely not. We do not charge our users a cent to use SnapnSave and the app is also free to download from android or apple app stores. 


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