Snapping my till slip (Step 3)

The most tricky part of the process is making sure you take great photos of your till slip, so here are some quick tips to make sure you get it right one-time!


Not all till slips are created equal.

Each retailer have slightly differing till slips (not all will have a bar code for example). All you have to do is make sure you capture the whole thing from top to very bottom, leaving no details out. Take as many photos as you need to get it all in.


What if my till slip is long?
If your till slip is longer than your hand it’s probably gonna be too long to snap clearly using one photo, so take more! Start at the very top of the slip and snap your way down to the very bottom edge, taking as many photos as you need.

Can I submit an old till slip for an offer I’ve just booked?
Only till slips which are printed after the date an offer is posted are valid for that specific offer.

Online purchases.
Did you know you can get cashback with SnapnSave whether you shop instore or online. You can also upload your receipt via the SnapnSave website.

Happy Snapn!

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