5 fantastically smart tricks to save money this silly season

Welcome friends. Tis’ the time of the year when you get paid way too early, which always feels like you’ve won the lottery until the second of January rolls around. So, to avoid a really looong January, one filled with lots of instant noodles and equal parts of zero going out, we’ve put our thinking caps on and compiled our top cash-saving tips.

If a world where surviving the holidays with a smile on your face, and more importantly (yes, we’re really saying this) with some money in the bank and/or your savings still intact, sounds very merry, read on…

1. Get mentally prepared. There’s going to be a mad sort of collective buying insanity that hits in December and peaks the week before the 25th. Don’t fall for it. Instead, opt for adventures in nature, go for a surf, hang out by the pool or hit the gym. In short, get active. Exercise releases endorphins, just like shopping does, only one breaks the bank, while the other just breaks personal bests.  

2. The gift of giving DIY gifts. We seem to have lost the art of making presents. Sad really. But, like bell-bottoms, it’s time for a revival. So, grab some glitter and cardboard, and get creative. Stumped? Candles are a great idea. Whether they’re for a guy or girl, candles always come in handy, and here’s a quick how-to: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Homemade-Candles    

3. If you don’t have kids, celebrate when the sales hit. Or if you have kids, suggest telling them that the jolly, chimney-climbing old man had to go back to the North Pole because their presents are extra, extra special. Admit it, you’re telling tall tales anyway, so tweaking the story a tad shouldn’t give you sleepless nights. Back to the good stuff. When do the summer sales start? Just after Boxing Day. Hooray!

4. Cash in your leave days later. Plan your summer getaway after the holiday rush. Less traffic. Cheaper accommodation. Shorter queues. Imagine. Not needing a holiday after your holiday? Amazing.

5. Say hello to SnapnSave. It’s South Africa’s favourite shopping app that gives you REAL cash back whenever you shop. Oh yeah. Think of SnapnSave as the 21st centuries answer to coupons only better because the discounts you score get paid straight into your SnapnSave wallet. No more paper coupons, and no more awkward moments whipping them out at the checkout. To start earning while splurging simply:

  • Download the easy-to-use, totally free app or log onto the website.
  • Browse the current coupons and book the ones you want.
  • Shop. Deals are updated weekly, and include everything from craft beer to Cuddlers nappies and wipes. Use the SnapnSave app to snap a photograph of your till slip, upload it, and Ka’ching – and it gets better. When you’re ready to spend your savings, you can transfer them into your bank account, create a WiCode and spend it at any of these retailers and restaurants nationwide.


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