No more I.O.Us this Valentines Day!

Right. It’s every single person’s least favourite day of the year and most couples’ most expensive. No, it’s not Halloween (although it may feel that way), it’s Valentine’s Day! But it doesn’t have to be like this. Here are a few surefire ways to make the day special, fun and get a few sparks flying.

  1. Make your own gifts & cards. Often the most overlooked (and affordable option), making your own spoils says something shop-bought ones just can’t, “You’re worth my time and effort, literally and if the paper cuts don’t prove my love to you, then nothing will!” Dramatic? Yes, but the more emotion, the better.
  1. Take them to meet your folks. Unless this is your first date – it is? Skip straight to point 3. However, if you’ve been seeing each other for a while, give them the gift of getting to meet your folks. Not only does it imply you’re serious about them (ah, sweet), dinner’s 100% free – unless mom breaks out awkward family photos in which case the emotional scarring may cost a few couch sessions with your therapist.
  1. Use your noggin and shop with SNAPnSAVE. It’s not just super smart, it’s SA’s fastest growing cashback shopping app that gives you real cash back on a massive range of brands and products at retailers of your choice. Deals are updated on a weekly basis and include everything from chocolates to gift cards. Download the free app or log onto the website. Start snapping to save today and spoil tomorrow.
  1. Celebrate V-Day the next day. Walk into any store the day after Valentine’s Day and you’ll see sales, sales everywhere. Starting from the 15th, the prices of Valentine’s Day gifts, goodies and whatnots decrease massively. What?! So why not play it smart, have a belated V-Day when you know you’re getting a guaranteed up to 70% off something? After all, who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day around the same time as the US is celebrating theirs?
  1. Keep it Old School. Think movies, popcorn and holding hands in a darkened cinema. Better still, this year V-Day is on a Tuesday, which is kind of like the “unofficial” movie night because most movie houses run mid-week movie specials. Must be fate!

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