We are giving away 1 million millimetres of Boerewors

South Africa is a diverse nation, with two things in common.

We love a GOOD DEAL and we love a BRAAI.

We have hit the sweet spot by offering a “braai day bargain” to our app users. We will be giving #cashback to the equivalent of 1 km (1million mm) in boerewors, to celebrate breaking through the R1million rand barrier in cash back to our users, since starting 1 year ago.

This coming week, our SnapnSave users can go to any retailer, buy boerewors for their braai on National Heritage day and receive #cashback into their SnapnSave wallets.

On your SnapnSave app, you will be able to get R36 in cash back, when you spend R40 or more on your pack of boerewors for National Braai Day. This will equate to over 1km in boerewors. Keep an eye out for this offer which will become available this Friday.

If you are a proud South African, you love to braai, but haven’t got your good deal yet, then you can install the app here and get snapping within minutes.

Happy Snapn’ !


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