Buying the items (Step 2)

Shopping Tip:Make sure you check that you are buying the weight or size specified in the offer details. Use the “Booked offers” page on the app for this.

Where can I buy my items?
Check the offers terms if you aren’t sure which retailers you can buy an item from.


Availability of items.
SnapnSave is not in control of an items stock levels and therefor can’t guarantee an item will be in stock at specified retailers. We do our best to make sure offers available on SnapnSave are readily available in stores.

How many items can I buy?
Usually it’s one item per booked offer unless specified. Sometimes we will run offers that require you to buy more than one of the item to qualify for the cash back. If you are unsure just check the offer terms.

Important! Buying the correct size/ weight:
Make sure you buy the weight or size specified in the offer. I.e: If the offer is for a 1L Milk you will not get the cash back if you buy a 250ml or 2L Milk instead.


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