How to go gourmet on a budget


Experiment with cheaper cuts of meat

Cooking with cheaper cuts of meat (like brisket, flank, chuck and skirt) will not only save you money, but might end up being tastier as well. The trick is cooking on a low temperature over a long period of time (time to dust off the old slow cooker!). Other options include pork belly, cheek and chump while lamb lovers should try scrag, neck and shoulder or even buy mutton.


Make friends with your freezer

Instead of literally paying for packaging, buy the whole lamb, cut it up and package it yourself. This will save you money and your meat will be far fresher than the meat you are buying in the supermarkets.

Buy no name brands

There’s really no difference here, in most cases house brands and big name brands are the same product, you’re really just paying more for the fancy label.

Grow your own

Not only is it cheaper and more healthy it’s also relaxing and more rewarding. Tomatoes, spinach, radishes and herbs are all really easy to grow.

vegetable-garden-ideas copy

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