Booking Offers (Step 1)

Where do I book offers.

Get onto either the SnapnSave smartphone app, mobi site or desktop website. Click on “discover offers” and start browsing the available coupons/”offers” we have running. Simply hit “Book offer” to secure it for 48 hours.



Offer terms.

Click on the item image to view the offer terms. Offer terms will tell you where you can buy the item, how many units one shopper can buy and when the offer ends.



How long do I have to buy an item after booking?

You have 48 hours, starting from 12pm on the day you booked the offer/s in which to buy the items and submit your till slip. If the 48 hours ends and you don’t buy the items you will need to re-book the offers.


Booking “Locked offers.”

To book a locked offer you need the unlock code. Click the link in the product view “Get the code here.”


Requesting to book an offer that is all booked out.

If an offer is all booked out and a user/s do not make use of it with in the 48 hour time frame, it is available to book again. By clicking the “Request to book” we will automatically book it for you as soon as it becomes available.


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