Presenting to a Commercial Manager and Marketing Manager

Understanding the different features of SnapnSave to be able to present a relevant solution:

  • Understand the needs of each person by asking open-ended questions ( What does your role entail, what are your activities, any specific goals, any specific issues)
  • Listen, and based on this, recommend a solution from your basket fitting those specific goals


  • In this particular case, Commercial Manager mentioned sales (ROI)- the best way of explaining this is simple (as per Ross’s recommendation)
    • In your category, we understand an average return clients get on spend. In your category as an example, for every R1 you spend, I may be able to give you R5 in RSP sales, ROI dependant.

When dealing with people from 2 roles (Sales and Marketing), split the benefits of each campaign up (Catalogue vs Engagement) and emphasise that the 2 recommended campaign are separate and will run separately.