Key features and Benefits Session


The discussion was broken into 3 parts, as summarised below:

  1. For personal context reasons,  the team was asked to select any object of their own at random
    1. They were then asked to list 3 FEATURES and link those to 3 BENEFITS of that object. After everyone listed theirs.
    2. The observation of this exercise was to list a feature, but ultimately link those to an EMOTIONAL BENEFIT. This provides context to a user to personalize the benefit and link those to themselves.
  2. Relating FEATURES and BENEFITS with SnapnSave.
    1. The team were asked to perform the same exercise as stated above, but this time listing one feature and benefit of SnapnSave. Examples included:
      1. Using a Coupon Tool will enable a client to expand their audience on their existing campaign to SnapnSave users, ultimately increasing sales of their product.
      2. The fact that SnapnSave validates from a till-slip and therefore runs independently to retailers, allows clients to run campaigns without having to negotiate with retailers who are notoriously difficult to deal with.
    2. Key observation of this exercise was to link a SnapnSave feature with a benefit that a client will be able to relate to emotionally.
  3. Closing and Urgency
    1. The discussion on this subject were around creating ways to get clients to say yes, ultimately with the use of mechanisms to create urgency to say yes. These ideas included:
      1. Features/themes on SnapnSave (Can be created around a client)
      2. Email stating a savings/incentive and attach this to a time-frame
      3. Possibly creating a deal drive where all brands can benefit
      4. When send the proposal telling clients “we have 7 spots left available for Oct campaigns, can we confirm this in the next week or so”?