Hello & welcome to SnapnSave cash back club,
where you are able to get cash back WHEREVER you shop.

As you have just joined, I’ll be walking you through the first few steps to get you on the road to earning cash back in a snap!

Book some cash back deals

Visit the “DISCOVER OFFERS” page to find all the latest cash back offers and click the “BOOK OFFERS” button on deals you want to reserve. Your booking will last for 48 hours, during which you can head to any retailer and buy the items you booked.

Snap a photo of your till slip

Hit the “SNAP” button and send us a photo of your till slip. It’s kinda like a till slip selfie, and how we check the items you bought to give you cash back in your wallet. Kaching!

Cash out your wallet

View your cash back savings in “YOUR WALLET”. Once you’ve accumulated R50 cash back savings you can cashout funds to your bank account or request an instant cash ATM pin code.

Got it?
Now, lets earn your first R5 cash back!

Grab any till slip you have laying around, login to your account, go to your “WALLET” and tap the snap any till slip button.

Kaching! Your first R5 back!

Did you know?

1. You can get cashback from your online or in store slips.

2. We’ve loaded a 100% cash back chocolate offer just for you!

3. When you get cashback on your first offer you will get an extra R5 into your wallet.

4. We always have cash back offers on essential items such as bread, milk and eggs and load over 160 new cash back offers throughout the month so be sure to browse the offers page daily.

That’s 4 great reasons to start booking some offers now: click here.

Happy Snapn!
(Head of Snappiness