Your SnapnSave appdate

Hi Snapper,

While we strive to continue our services to you, our number 1 priority at SnapnSave during these uncertain times is to ensure the safety of our staff. In order to do this we have set up our team to work from home.

In setting up a remote workplace we have also had to be very conscious of our tech security measures that are put in place to keep your money safe. It is for this reason that we are keeping the cash out feature turned off. Although frustrating to you as one of our valued Snappers, we will ensure that your money is kept safe and secure.

Once we are Nationally out of lock down (or Nationally below stage 3 lock down) we will get our essential staff setup to go into office to process eft cash outs safely and securely. In the mean time I can assure you that your money is safe and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,